What Does SIMS Do ?


SIMS conducts multidisciplinary marine research across five core research themes  – Urbanisation, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Ocean Resources, and Marine Management. SIMS is also the operator of the NSW node of the Australian Government’s Integrated Marine Observing System – IMOS.


SIMS plays a vital role in producing the next generation of marine researchers and managers by facilitating the research of PhD students and post doctoral fellows, and through undergraduate and postgraduate teaching at the Institute.  Post graduate opportunities offered include the SIMS Master of Marine Science and Management and SIMS Doctoral Fellowships which are awarded annually.


SIMS educational responsibilities go beyond training scientists, and beyond research outcomes.  We want  to be science interpreters, articulating our research programs, and exciting the community about the marine world through a variety of outreach opportunities including citizen science programs . We aim to promote responsibility at an individual and community level for the protection and conservation of our marine riches.

About SIMS

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The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) was founded in 2005 as a partnership between University of Sydney, Macquarie University, UNSW Australia, and the University of Technology Sydney. The partnership is enhanced by collaborations with several state and federal government departments, the Australian Museum, and the University of Wollongong.


The Institute is uniquely positioned both in a geographical and a structural sense to significantly advance research into our marine environment. Geographically, because SIMS is located on the South- East Australian seaboard, a climate change hot spot, and structurally because the collaborative research profile of the Institute harnesses the strengths of NSW’s leading marine scientists and universities.

SIMS is an innovative multidisciplinary marine science facility, providing a focal point for:

  • World class collaborative marine research;
  • Provision of marine research for policy makers and managers;
  • Research training and teaching in the marine sciences;
  • National and international collaboration.


SIMS is a not for profit, unlisted company and is overseen by a Board of Directors and a Director/CEO.  The research programme is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee.

SIMS Facilities

SIMS is located in historic buildings at Chowder Bay and Georges Heights Mosman under a long term lease from the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The location, near the Sydney Heads is ideal for marine research with high quality seawater available to service the SIMS research aquarium.