Sharks and Humans Threats and Mitigations

More “talk” than “lecture” this discussion led by Dr. Vic Peddemors provided the audience with a real understanding of the threats facing shark populations, the incredible research tools in use (including a sneak preview of trials to be conducted next year), a look at alternative practices, in particular eco tourism which may offer some solutions, and of course given we’re talking about Sharks,  a touch of the…..are the Bull Sharks really out there! 

Vic included some incredible imagery, and video, including footage of acoustically tracked sharks in Sydney Harbour which had the audience alternatively on the edge of their seats, or mentally rearranging their swimming program for the following day!

Dr. Vic Peddemors leads the Shark Research Group for the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries, providing scientific leadership for the group’s research and advisory effort. Vic has over 25 years scientific research experience in Antarctica, Australia, England, Holland, Mozambique and South Africa.  His research interests cover a wide range of marine apex predators, but have inevitably had an over-riding theme of ensuring human impacts on their populations are sustainable.

Rob & Vic with friends DSC_8301.jpg