SIMS goes to the Movies

A packed house recently viewed the outstanding documentary,  “Acid Ocean” as part of the SIMS @ 7 series of Marine Science Public Evenings.

Marine scientists across the world are racing to tackle the most urgent environmental challenge facing our planet today – ocean acidification. From the icy polar seas to the world’s most pristine coral reefs the acclaimed documentary “Acid Ocean” tracks the latest scientific research. 

Dr. Emma Thompson a post-doctoral research fellow at SIMS and Macquarie University provided an introduction to the film explaining the breadth of our research at SIMS on the impacts of climate change for the marine environment . Emma’s presentation provided the audience with a discussion of ocean acidification and stimulated ongoing discussion at the end of the evening.

We again thank all those who attended the evening for your support and your very real engagement in marine science.

Unique research site

Unique research site