Marine Scientists Working on Our Doorstep – Presentation

Ever wondered how marine ecologists conduct grazing experiments, oceanographers measure primary production in an estuary, molecular biologists assess the health of an oyster? Sydney Harbour is incredibly diverse and yet it faces many challenges! Our estuary has been the focus of marine research for more than a century and still is a magnet for marine scientists today. Marine ecologists, geochemists, ecotoxicologists, oceanographers, fish biologists – you name it – all work at our doorstep.

While early marine research focused largely on recording and describing the myriad of species living in the harbour, present-day scientific efforts are more directed towards understanding the effects of our activities on this amazing estuary; invasive species, pollution, climate change to name just a few.

A marine scientist from the Sydney Institute of Marine Science will visit your school and take your students on a discovery of modern marine science in a one-hour presentation packed with demonstrations and props!

For enquiries and bookings, please call 02 9435 4600 or email

Cost: $5 per student.

Inke presenting