Nura Gili at SIMS

On Monday 9th July SIMS had the pleasure to host students from the UNSW Nura Gili Winter Program.  The program allows indigenous high school students from across Australia to sample tertiary education.  Students are selected to participate based on their community involvement, commitment to education, future aspirations and school recommendations.

During their afternoon at SIMS the students participated in a rock platform tour, looking at patterns of zonation and ecology of the rocky shores. The tour led by Kate Kilgour allowed students hands on learning which despite the day’s very cold temperatures was very warmly received. The group of students then continued on to SIMS at Chowder Bay where Dr Belinda Curley delivered a presentation describing her experience of marine science, and gave the students a tour of the facilities.

The focus of the day was twofold. Firstly to impart knowledge on  preserving, protecting, researching and developing new technologies to nuture our oceans and marine environment. And secondly to inspire students to a potential path in marine science.