Sydney Harbour Research Program

This is a planned 5 year, $10 million flagship research program based on Sydney Harbour with the objective of “future proofing” Australia’s most iconic waterway.

Sydney Harbour’s beauty draws tourists from all over Australia and from around the world, it provides a wonderful living environment to many of Sydney’s population, it is the playground for many Sydneysiders and it supports significant economic activity. However, the increasing population of Sydney (7 million by 2050) and the strength of the East Australian Current (which is making Sydney and eastern Australia, climate change “hotspots”) will continue to add significantly to the pressures upon the Harbour with as yet unknown consequences.

In repsonse to these challenges, SIMS has initiated the Harbour Research Program to continue to enhance water quality in the Harbour, to characterise the biodiversity of species and habitats, to investigate functioning and resilience, to restore degraded habitats and to provide the scientific basis for management and policy decisions for the Harbour.

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