Australian Animal Tracking and Monitoring System

In a true paradigm shift in Australian marine research, IMOS is creating an enhanced, nationally integrated capacity to collect marine data, draw it together and make it accessible to researchers.

The Australian Animal Tracking And Monitoring System (AATAMS) is one of 11 facilities within IMOS and aims to:

  • Form a national network and increase collaboration between acoustic tracking researchers;
  • Invest in over 200 permanent, strategically located receivers (VR2Ws and VR3s) to maximise national benefit and form a continental array with existing infrastructure; and
  • Initiate an internationally coordinated Marine Animal Tracking program in collaboration with the Ocean Tracking Network (OTN).

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For more information contact:

AATAMS Technical Office
Tel: 02 9969 2664

Ass. Prof. Rob Harcourt
AATAMS Project leader
Tel: 02 9850 7970

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