Harbour Outreach Programs

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) is a collaborative research facility dedicated to the research and enhancement of Australia’s unique marine and coastal environments. We offer a variety of public outreach programs for people of all ages to explore the wonders of our marine and coastal ecosystems and learn about the many different SIMS research projects. From scientist presentations and tours to guided foreshore walks, SIMS invites you to connect with our scientists and discover the secrets of the marine environment at your doorstep.


Sydney Harbour, being a dynamic and highly urbanised estuarine system, offers a unique gateway into science. SIMS is located at the foreshore of Sydney Harbour with direct access to the beach, wharf and rocky shores of beautiful Chowder Bay. Our workshops use collaborative and inquiry based learning experiences to promote student engagement. Students will learn how to apply the scientific method in a marine science context to formulate and test hypotheses, conduct experiments and analyse data related to real-life marine science issues. Each workshop is designed to address learning objectives and outcomes of the NSW K-10 Science Syllabus.

SIMS Community Programs

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SIMS School Science Programs

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