Sydney Harbour Projects

A/Prof Gavin Birch
Role of resuspension in metal uptake by filter-feeding estuarine animals
John Lee (USYD)
University of Sydney
Construction of a chemical model for Sydney estaury
Dr Russell Richards (Griffith University)
Geologic evolution of Sydney estuary
Stephen Lounds (USYD)
Construction of a sedimentation model for Sydney estuary
Stephen Lounds (USYD)
Low cost – real time estuarine monitoring stations
Daniel Harrison (USYD), A/Prof Ian S F Jones (USYD), Edwina Tanner (USYD), A/Prof Moninya Roughan (UNSW)
Dr Melanie Bishop
Designing seawalls to maintain land-sea connectivity
Dr Inke Falkner (SIMS), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW), Dr Sebastian Holmes (UWS),  Dr Ana Bugnot (UNSW), Dr Graeme Clark (UNSW), Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW), Dr Ashley Fowler (NSW DPI), Dr Ezequiel Marizinelli (UNSW)
Macquarie University
Impacts of seawalls on the structure and function of fringing mangroves
Craig Heatherington (MacU)
Prof David Booth
Seadragon ecology in Sydney Harbour
John Turnbull (Marine Explorer), Underwater Research Group Dive Club of NSW, Selma Klanten, Jaime Sanchez Camara (Barcelona), Marguerite Alden (Singapore Aquarium)
Cigarette Butt Pollution
Dr Klaus Koop (OEH), Dr Paul Gribben (UNSW), Mark McGrouther (Australian Museum)
Pontoon fish enhancement project
Jack Hannan (NSW Maritime and Transport),Pittwater Council, Sydney Coastal Councils
Elianny Dominguez Tejo,Prof Graciela Metternicht,Prof Emma Johnston,Dr Luke Hedge
Advancing Marine Spatial Planning across the Sydney Harbour, NSW, Australia
Manly Council
Dr Alex Campbell
Environmental change and disease in marine ecosystems
Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW), Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli (UNSW), Dr Adriana Verges (UNSW), Dr Torsten Thomas (UNSW)
Dr Alex Campbell and Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli
Restoration of underwater forests
Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW), Dr Adriana Verges (UNSW), Dr Melinda Coleman (NSW DPI), Dr Brendan Kelaher (Southern Cross University)
A/Prof Ross Coleman
Ms Rebecca Morris
Using ecological enhancements to increase biodiversity in urban systems
Prof Gee Chapman (USYD), Dr Louise Firth (Plymouth University, UK) University of Sydney
Dr Katherine Dafforn
Marine urban development: how can ecology inform the design of multifunctional artificial structures?
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto (UNSW), Dr Ana Bugnot (UNSW), Dr Tim Glasby (NSW DPI), A/Prof Laura Airoldi (University of Bologna), Ms Anita Mitchell (Lend Lease)
Restoring sediment function to rehabilitate eutrophic systems
A/Prof Torsten Thomas (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW, A/Prof Paul Gribben (UNSW), A/Prof Melanie Bishop (UMaq), Dr Stuart Simpson (CSIRO), Dr Pat Hutchings (AustMus), Dr Peter Scanes (NSW OEH)
A/Prof Martina Doblin
Optical properties of Sydney Harbour and its effect on phytoplankton productivity
Dr Nagur Cherukuru (CSIRO Land and Water), Dr Peter Davies (NSW OEH)
Optical niche partitioning by phytoplankton
Ms Charlotte Robinson (UTS),Dr Nagur Cherukuru (CSIRO Land and Water)
Dr Will Figueira
Long-term monitoring of tropical fishes in temperate NSW (recruitment and establishment dynamics)
Prof David Booth (UTS), Dr David Feary (UTS), Dr Melinda Coleman (NSW DPI)
University of Sydney
Mrs Shawna Foo
Changes in the jelly coat and intracellular pH of echinoderm eggs, could this drive a reduction in fertilisation in an acidifying ocean?
Prof Maria Byrne (USYD)
University of Sydney
Adaptive capacity of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma to ocean change: responses from fertilisation to the settled juvenile
Prof Maria Byrne (USYD), Dr Symon A. Dworjanyn (Southern Cross University), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW)
Prof William Gladstone
Effects of seagrass friendly moorings on recovery of seagrass
Sydney Metro CMA, Eco Divers, Daniel Bradley (UTS), Dr Paul Gribben (UTS), Carla Sbrocchi, Dr Tim Glasby (NSW Fisheries), David Harasti (NSWDPI), Dr Keith Martin-Smith (UTAS)
Ms Sarah Graham
Simultaneous exposure of algal chemical defences and metal contaminants in Sydney Harbour
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW), Dr Kristen Whalen (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute)
Dr Paul Gribben
Effects of contaminants on ecosystem function – micro-macro interactions
Prof David Raftos (MacU), A/Prof Gavin Birch (USyd), Dr ALex Campbell (UNSW), Dr Stuart Simpson (CSIRO), Dr Peter Freewater (Hawkesbury-Nepean CMA), A/Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Pat Hutchings (Aust Museum)
The role of microbes in mediating the success of marine invaders
Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW), A/Prof Torsten Thomas (UNSW)
Spread and impacts of an expanding native alga
Dr Tim Glasby (NSW DPI), Prof Bill Gladstone (UTS)
Mr Kingsley Griffin
Mapping the habitats of Sydney Harbour using advanced photography methods
Dr Luke Hedge (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Underwater Earth, Catlin SeaView Survey, Google
Mr Januar Harianto
Effects of long-term acclimation to future ocean warming and acidification on the physiology of adult, larval and early juvenile populations of the sea urchin, Heliocidaris erythrogramma
Prof Maria Byrne (USYD), Dr Hong Dao Nguyen (USYD), Dr Sebastian Holmes (UWS), Dr Sergio Gabarda (USYD)
University of Sydney
Mr Daniel Harrison
What’s feeding our fish? Stabel isotope modellingof the pelagic ecosystem in Sydney Harbour, NOx-Phytoplankton-Zooplankton-Fish
A/Prof Ian S F Jones (USYD), Dr William Figueira (USYD), Prof Iain Suthers (UNSW), Prof Bradley Eyre (Southern Cross University) 
University of Sydney
Nutrient inputs, dynamics and fate – a budget for Sydney Harbour
A/Prof  Ian S F Jones (USYD), Prof Bradley Eyre (Southern Cross University), Dr Peter Freewater (Greater Sydney Local Land Services)
Water quality, nutrient and biological harbour survey program: calibration for a biogeochemical model
A/Prof  Ian S F Jones (USYD), Edwina Tanner (USYD) Prof Bradley Eyre (SCU), Peter Freewater (GSLLS)
Dr Luke Hedge
Marine implications of recreational boating infrastructure
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Adriana Verges (UNSW), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW), Mr Kingsley Griffin, Mr Brendan Lanham (UNSW), Howard Glenn (Transport for NSW)
Mapping human use in Sydney Harbour
Prof Emma Johnston, Ms Karen Astles (NSW DPI), Dr Bob Creese (NSW DPI)
Dr Ross Hill
Ocean warming and acidification effects on calcifying macroalgae
Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW)
Dr Pat Hutchings
Documenting the large biodiversity of Sydney Harbour
Dr Shane Ayhong, Mark MacGrouther (Aust Museum)
Australian Museum
Mrs Roberta Johnson
The physiological stress response of the sea urchin Heliocidaris erythrogramma to ocean warming and acidification
Prof Maria Byrne (USYD), Prof Murray Thomson (USYD), Mr Januar Harianto (USYD)
University of Sydney
Prof Emma Johnston
Testing the waters: impacts of contaminants on ecosystem structure and function in urban waterways
Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW), Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW), A/Prof Gavin Birch (USyd), Dr Paul Gribben (UTS), Dr Martina Doblin (UTS), Prof Staffan Kjelleberg (UNSW), A/Prof Sanjay Swarup (Nanyang Technological University), Dr Rohan Williams (Nanyang Technological University), Dr Stuart Simpson (CSIRO), Dr Peter Scanes (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage), Mr Jamie Potts (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage), Dr Peter Freewater (Hawkesbury-Nepean CMA)
Prof Emma Johnston
Prof Richard Thompson
Dr Liz Carter
Microplastic infiltration of food webs: cells to ecosystem consequences
Dr Mark Browne (UNSW) & Prof Peter Lay (University of Sydney)
A/Prof Ian S F Jones
The Sydney Harbour Observatory: Collecting and providing scientific data to the wider community
Mr Daniel Harrison(USYD), Mrs Edwina Tanner (USYD), A/Prof Gavin Birch (USYD)
University of Sydney
Dr Stephen Keable
Documenting the large diversity of sea stars in Sydney Harbour
Australian Museum Collection Management staff
Australian Museum
Dr Tim Lachnit
Emerging viral infections in a widespread ecosystem engineer
Dr Ross Hill (UNSW), Dr Ezequiel marzinelli (UNSW), Dr Alex Campbell (UNSW), Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW)
Mr Aroon Melwani
Genetic adaption of oysters environmental contamination in Sydney Harbour
Prof David Raftos (MacU), Dr Melanie Bishop (MacU), Prof Gavin Birch (USyd), Dr Emma Thompson (MacU)
Macquarie University
Ms Jessica Merrit
Examining distributions and impacts of marine debris in Sydney Harbour
Dr Luke Hedge (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW)
Dr Phil Mulhearn
Bathymetric changes in Sydney Harbour, from historical charts
University of Sydney
A/Prof Shauna Murray
Toxin uptake in Sydney Harbour shellfish
Prof Gustaaf Hallegraeff (UTAS), Dr Wayne O’Connor, (NSWDPI)
Microbes to fish in Sydney Harbour: diversity and dynamic shifts
Prof Iain Suthers (UNSW), Dr Penelope Ajani (UTS), Dr M Brown, Dr Martina Doblin (UTS), Dr Hazel Farrell (UTS), Dr Tom Jeffries (UTS), Dr Olivier Laczka (UTS), Dr Peter Scanes (OEH), A/Prof Justin Seymour (UTS)
Ms Ceiwen Pease
Mulitple stresses in algal herbivore intereactions in Sydney Harbour
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW)
Dr Mariana Mayer Pinto
The effects of multiple stressors on ecosystem functioning
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Tas Crowe (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Trophic interactions and total productivity of artificial and natural habitats in estuarine systems
Dr James Smith (UNSW), Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW)
Ecologically engineering seawalls to restore biodiversity in Sydney Harbour
Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW), Dr Ezequiel Marzinelli, Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW)
A/Prof Alistair Poore
Persistence of ghost crabs on urban beaches
Mrs Talia Stelling-Wood (UNSW)
A/Prof Moninya Roughan
Estuarine Shelf Exchange off Sydney
Nina Ribbat (UNSW PhD Student)
Material transport across an offshore artificial Reef off Sydney
Nina Ribbat (UNSW PhD Student), Prof Iain Suthers (UNSW), Dr Michael Lowry (NSW DPI)
Sediment dynamics in the Sydney Estuary
Ziyu Amanda Xiao, A. Prof Xiao Hua Wang (UNSW Canberra)
Real time Monitoring of the Sydney Estuary
Clive Holden (Oceanographic Field Services0, Stuart Milburn (UNSW), Dan Harrison (USyd)
Dr John Runcie
The ecology of Harbour macrophytes
Prof Rui Santos and Dr Joao Silva (University of the Algarve, Portugal)
University of Sydney
Dr John Stuart
Improving assessment and management of the recreational tailor fishery in NSW
Dr Julian Hughes (DPI Fisheries), Prof Iain Suthers (UNSW)
Ms Melanie Sun
Effects of contamination on Sydney Harbours microbiota
Prof Emma Johnston, Dr Katherine Dafforn (UNSW), Dr Mark Browne (UNSW), Dr Anthony Chariton (CSIRO), Dr Stuart Simpson (CSIRO), Dr Rohan Williams (SCELSE), Jamie Potts (OEH), Simone Birrer (UNSW), Dr Peter Scanes (OEH), Dr Staffan Kjelleberg (SCELSE), Prof Peter Steinberg (UNSW)
Prof Iain Suthers
The size-based pelagic ecosystem of Sydney Harbour, from eutrophication to fish
Dr Jason Everett (UNSW), De la Cruz, Daniel Harrison (USyd)
Estuarine and oceanic zooplankton in relation to chlorophyll and fisheries
Dr Jason Everett (UNSW), Dr Anthony Richardson (UQ), Dr Mark Baird (CSIRO)
Sydney’s offshore temperate reefs and artificial reef, from physics to fisheries
Dr James Smith (UNSW), Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Dr Michael Lowry (NSW DPI), Dr Matt Taylor (NSW DPI)
Mrs Edwina Tanner
Sydney Harbour Real Time Model
Daniel Harrison(USYD), A/Prof Ian S F Jones, A/Prof Gavin Birch (USyd)
University of Sydney
A Blue Carbon budget for Sydney Harbour: Source or Sink?
A/Prof Phil Mulhern (USYD), A/Prof Tom Hubble (USYD), Prof Bradley Eyre (Southern Cross University)
Mr Shinjiro Ushiama
Epibenthic ecology on artificial reefs: community structure in response to material, orientation and predation.
Prof Emma Johnston (UNSW), Prof Iain Suthers (UNSW), Dr James Smith (UNSW)
Dr Adriana Verges
Seagrass genetics, diversity and function
Suzy Evans (UNSW), A/Prof Elizabeth Sinclair (UWA), A/Prof Alistair Poore (UNSW), Prof Gary Kendrick (UWA)
Analysis of the interaction between ecological, social and economic systems in Sydney Harbour: A pilot study with seagrass
Caroline Hoisington (SIMS), John Turnbull (Macquarie Uni), Dr Luke Hedge (UNSW), Dr Inke Falkner (SIMS), Ms Karen Astles (NSW DPI)