About Us


The Sydney Institute of Marine Science, founded in 2005 and located on Chowder Bay in Sydney Harbour, is a world-leading marine science institute and the principal marine research facility in NSW.

The Sydney Institute of Marine Science is  a partnership between Macquarie University, the University of NSW, the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney. The partnership is enhanced by collaborations with several state and federal government departments, and the Australian Museum. SIMS has over 100 scientists and graduate students associated with the Institute, representing a broad diversity of skills in marine science.

SIMS is a unique focal point for collaborative marine research and innovation, provision of marine research for policy makers and managers, and research training and teaching in the marine sciences.

SIMS sits in the middle of Australia’s largest city –  a city of over 5 million people.  It also sits on a coastline that is bathed by the East Australian Current, making Sydney and the coast of New South Wales a global hotspot for ocean warming. SIMS’ unique location makes it the ideal place from which to address the combined impacts of urbanisation and climate change, two of the central challenges facing coastal sustainability today. Beyond Sydney and NSW,  management and rehabilitation of our coasts and oceans in the context of urban development and a changing environment is a global issue, and SIMS scientists work across the world to share understanding and expertise on the marine environment

SIMS research is solution focused, resulting in novel approaches and technologies for enhancing our sustainable use and enjoyment of the marine environment now and into the future.


SIMS is a not for profit, unlisted company and is overseen by a Board of Directors and a Director/CEO.  The research programme is guided by a Scientific Advisory Committee. Our strategy can be found here.

SIMS Facilities

SIMS is located in historic buildings at Chowder Bay and Georges Heights Mosman under a long term lease from the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. The location, near the Sydney Heads is ideal for marine research with high quality seawater available to service the SIMS research aquarium.