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Prof. Martina Doblin

Director & CEO, SIMS

Brett Fenton

Brett Fenton

Chief Operating Officer, SIMS


The SIMS Board of Directors consists of one representative from each of the four founding universities, the Director/CEO of SIMS, the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee and two independent directors.

Current Members


The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has senior scientists from all of the institutions associated with SIMS. The four founding universities each have three representatives on the SAC, with all of the other institutions having one representative.

It is the role of the SAC to act as an advisory committee to the Board of Directors regarding all research and educational activities that are undertaken at SIMS. The SAC is responsible for approving all research projects that take place through SIMS and works in conjunction with the General Manager to ensure that the correct equipment and facilities are available.

Current SAC Members


Deputy Chair 

Representatives of Founding Members 

Representatives of Associate Members

  • Dr. Thor Saunders (NSW Department of Primary Industries)
  • Dr. Tracey Macdonald (NSW Department of Planning and Environment)