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SIMS MEDIA (2016-2021)

December 2023

Project Restore: restoration of seascapes in Sydney Harbour (UNSW Media)

November 2023

Seals with funny hats discovered a hidden canyon over a mile deep under Antarctica and scientists want to honor the animals by naming it after them (Business Insider)

High hopes for seahorses in Sydney Harbour (ABC Radio National)

October 2023

Baby crown-of-thorns starfish can survive devastating heatwaves (Cosmos Magazine)

September 2023

Sydney scientists are feeding ‘little fat balls’ to coral to boost their survival in warming waters (ABC News)

August 2023

A 20-year research project satellite-tracking seals has found new places in East Antarctica (ABC News)

July 2023

Seahorse hotels created for endangered species in Sydney (9 News)

Hundreds of baby seahorses moved to Sydney Harbour ‘hotels’ in world’s biggest release (The Guardian)

The world’s biggest ever release of endangered baby seahorses just went down in Sydney Harbour (Timeout)

Watch: Hundreds of baby seahorses released in Sydney Harbour (BBC)

Australia’s ‘seahorse hotels’ aim to save endangered species (Reuters)

Watch as more than 350 endangered seahorses return to the water (USA Today)

VIDEO: Marine scientists undertake “biggest release” of seahorses into Sydney Harbour (ABC News)

Record release of baby seahorses set to boost Sydney Harbour’s endangered population (ABC News)

ABC News Breakfast Live


Hundreds of baby seahorses released into Chowder Bay and this is the cutest thing you’ll see all week! (Mosman Collective)

‘Super seahorses’ signal hope for survival of iconic species (UTS Media)

Hundreds of baby seahorses released in Sydney Harbour (Radio New Zealand)

W Sydney wypuszczono na wolność rekordowo dużo zagrożonych koników morskich (Poland)

Australia, centinaia di cavallucci marini rilasciati nel mare di Sydney. VIDEO (Sky News Italy)

World’s biggest release of seahorses completed by SIMS at Chowder Bay (Harbour Trust)

Scientists Release Record-Breaking Number of Baby Seahorses Into Sydney Harbor (Smithsonian)

Record Number of Baby Seahorses Released (News for Kids)

Sky News Live

June 2023

The world is running out of treatments for deadly infections, but an ancient animal may hold the answer (ABC News)

April 2023

Project Restore to fix Sydney Harbour (ABC Radio National)