Congratulations to Associate Professor Adriana Verges, from SIMS flagship project, Operation Crayweed and UNSW Sydney on this fabulous recognition

2021 Eureka Celestino Prize Finalist for Promoting Understanding of Science

In a modern world defined by human impacts and unprecedented environmental change, entire ecosystems are at risk. The science communication and community engagement efforts of marine ecologist Adriana Vergés provide a powerful and inspiring narrative that conveys the feasibility of recovering and rebuilding marine ecosystems supported by rigorous scientific evidence.

This commitment to promoting science understanding is central to Adriana’s research. Whether it be in the lab  with school children, in the water with community supporters, or  through the month long Manly Seaweed Forests Festival,   sponsored by the NSW Government, SIMS and the Lim-Sutton Initiative.

Adriana was the driving force behind the fabulous 2021 festival that blended science, art, food and so much more in a  celebration of the wonder of seaweed. The festival invited everyone to dive deep into the science of seaweed – and they did so with absolute enthusiam across a fabulous array of immersive events, including – post festival – a brilliant Podcast series.  Tune in here.

“As an ecologist, I feel that science communication and engaging with the general public has never been more important. Although our scientific understanding of the world is increasing at a very fast rate, there is a growing mistrust of experts and a growing disconnect between what we know and how we act,” Prof. Verges said.

“Marine restoration projects like Operation Crayweed and Operation Posidonia are collaborations with artists and local communities, where we are using science and storytelling to re-establish important lost underwater ecosystems and raise awareness of the challenges they face.”