Congratulations to Daniel Harrison – Myer Innovation Fellow 2017

SIMS is pleased to announce that Daniel Harrison from the USYD has won a Myer Innovation Fellowship for 2017, for his submission “Temporary Cloud Intensification – A method to save the Great Barrier Reef for future generations?”


The Myer Innovation Fellowships support the development of
breakthrough solutions to Australia’s most pressing social and environmental
challenges and brings new talent to the social sector. Fellows take 12
months away from their current role to pursue projects that have the capacity
to radically shift our approaches to the challenges facing the social and
environmental sectors in Australia today.


Co-Convenors of the Myer Innovation Committee, Anna Foley and
Jon Myer said, “This is a program that provides recipients with a
once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to throw their heart and mind into a project
that could very well change the Australian social or environmental sectors.
Each year, the applicant field grows stronger and stronger and we can’t wait to
see what this year’s Fellows achieve over the coming 12 months.


In an effort to curb further bleaching and protect the delicate
coral communities below,  Daniel  and colleagues from the Ocean Technology Group at the
University of Sydney, are investigating whether bleaching can be effectively
mitigated by temporarily increasing the amount and ‘brightness’ of cloud cover
during times of heat stress to the reef.


Read more about this
exciting project here: