Living Seawalls Phd Student wins 2019 AMSA Allen Award


The winner of the Allen Award for 2019 is Macquarie University’s PhD student Kate Dodds, from our Living Seawalls team. Kate’s research currently focusses on the greening of seawalls to encourage the development of abundant and diverse intertidal communities.


is investigating whether substrate type or colour affect the settling
community, what functions these communities provide and what the associated
stakeholders think of all this.


At the
AMSA conference Kate will be explaining recent results on the public’s
perception and willingness to pay for this exciting greening project.  


The Allen Award recognises an outstanding postgraduate student by providing support to attend the AMSA Annual conference. The aim is to give the student the opportunity to gain experience and contacts, and to serve as an ambassador for Australian marine science. 


Congratulations Kate! Great work!