Last Wednesday evening SIMS and the Gamay Rangers came together to host an evening of collaboration, learning and interaction at Yarra House, La Perouse. The night was a success with over 120 people in attendance at the La Perouse Aboriginal Land Council.

Our incredible panel shared a diverse and deep knowledge of both Gamay and broader ecological and environmental topics. Gamay is a region of significant diversity and ecological importance, yet it suffers from pressures from increasing development along its boundaries.  Gamay elder, Uncle China, took the audience on a journey through time, explaining the significant loss of biodiversity he has experienced through his personal connection with the bay

Bryce Lidell is a Bidjigal man from La Perouse, Gamay Ranger and Marine Science student who was able to take a deep dive into how the Gamay Rangers are working to protect biodiversity within the bay.

Bryce is directly involved in research and restoration projects in partnership with scientific institutions. As part of the Gamay Rangers led by Robert Cooley, he focuses on protecting and restoring cultural knowledge, practices and sites to ensure healthy Land and Sea Country is passed to next generations.

Dr Will Figueira, Associate Professor at University of Sydney and lead scientist of the Gamay Initiative said “Gamay is rich with natural wonder and cultural significance but sits in an incredibly complicated environmental setting where its ecological health is unfortunately sometimes challenged by its economic importance.”

 “We need to bring all forms of knowledge to the table to ensure its long-term health. It was wonderful to see such a large turnout at the event. It’s good to know the bay is in the hands of such caring and engaged people.”

Director Dr Martina Doblin and the SIMS community would like to thank the Gamay Rangers for hosting the evening and for sharing their invaluable knowledge and perspectives. Thanks must also go to the Australian Government Inspiring NSW, Ian Potter Foundation and SIMS Foundation for supporting this National Science Week event.

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