Little penguin rescued by SIMS Staff has been released back to the wild!


On Tuesday the 18th of April, five Little Penguins were released at Shelly Beach
in Sydney after spending two months at Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital for
various injuries and illnesses.
was lucky enough to be a part of this happy event as one of the Little Penguins
was rescued here at Chowder Bay by Nige our Aquarium Technician, ultimately
giving the penguin his new name! Catch the full story:



Footsie, Margaret, Bondi, Collin and Nigel are now healthy and ready for new adventures.
This species of penguin have been known to travel great distances in search of
schools of fish, as far as hundreds of kilometres up and down the coast. We
wish them the best of luck on their journeys and have loved being a part of it.


Thank you to the NSW National  & Wildlife Service for facilitating the rescue,
and to Taronga Zoo Sydney for their dedication to wildlife rehabilitation. 

Little Penguin release at Shelly Beach