Podcast Series Seaweed Forests Festival, Manly


The Festival has now wrapped up, but it’s time to dive into the fabulous Seaweed Forests Festival Podcast and explore the wonder of seaweed celebrated so richly at the Seaweed Forests Festival, Manly.


Listen in here or on your preferred podcast app – https://www.seaweedforestsfestival.com/podcasts/

Seaweeds are the underwater trees that support our coastline here in Sydney, and along the 8,000 km of interconnected reefs which form Australia’s Great Southern Reef. Seaweeds create underwater forests that are among the most productive and biodiverse ecosystems in the world.

In 2021, the Manly, Seaweed Forests Festival blended science, art and food in a celebration of these lush ecosystems – bringing together a host of scientists and leading thinkers for a fascinating series of panel discussions and workshops all housed within a stunning art installation, ‘Seaweed Arboretum’ by acclaimed artists Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford.


This podcast series allows listeners to dip into those conversations to explore the innovative uses of seaweed across time, to consider seaweed as the victim and unlikely hero in the fight against climate change, and to seek solace in the awe and wonder of our underwater forests, plus much more.

The podcast provides an enduring resource which delivers a reminder to us all, of our critical role as custodians of our marine world.