Premiere announces support for a new Centre of Urbane Marine Innovation 


SIMS was delighted to host a recent tour of the facilities by Premier Gladys Berejiklian. The premier was at SIMS to announce the NSW Government’s support for the development of a business plan around an exciting SIMS initiative, a proposal for a Centre for Urban Marine Innovation on Sydney Harbour.


The proposed Centre will focus on maintaining healthy marine
environments, innovations in marine infrastructure and engineering as well as
managing human impact on waterways.


Most people on this planet live in cities
and most large cities are coastal. 85% of Australia’s population live by the
coast. The future resilience of the global marine environment depends on the
use and sustainability of urban marine systems. This focus on urban marine
science is a core part of SIMS’ long term strategy. The Centre for Urban Marine Innovation will
allow SIMS to continue and expand the research currently conducted so successfully through the Sydney Harbour Research Program and the World Harbour


The NSW government has been a long term supporter of facility developments at SIMS, reflecting the governments ongoing commitment to marine science research.