2019 Fellows to the Australian Academy of Science Announced


On 27 May 2019, the Australian Academy of Science announced the election of 22 new Fellows for their outstanding contributions to science and scientific research. SIMS sends its warmest congratulations to Professor Maria Byrne who has been recognised as a Fellow for her exceptional research on evolutionary developmental biology
and marine climate change
which has greatly enriched our understanding of Australia’s marine biodiversity. 


Professor Byrne is a recognised leader in global change biology, documenting the impacts of ocean acidification and warming on marine invertebrate life stages, revealing the adapatbility of marine species that is key to understand their future prospects.  Learn more about her research and her work in the SIMS Aquarium here:



Australian Academy of Science President, Professor John Shine,
congratulated the new Fellows for making significant and lasting impacts in
their scientific disciplines. “These scientists were elected
by their Academy peers following a rigorous evaluation process. What stands out
among the new Fellows elected this year is the collective impact of their science
on an international scale,” Professor Shine said.


Congratulations Professor Byrne for this oustanding achievement!