“Sea creatures on their way back to Sydney Harbour” 


A  Sydney Harbour Research Program project aimed at reducing stormwater pollution using native sea animals receives important City of Sydney grant.

The native animals will revive a lost ecosystem of
burrowing creatures that naturally remove contaminants from the soil.

SIMS’ Sydney Harbour Research Program (SHRP) team will place colonies of ghost shrimp and carpet shell clams at
stormwater drain outlets around Sydney Harbour.

The burrowing animals clean harmful pollutants in
the sediment that enter the water from stormwater runoff.

Dr Ana Bugnot, from the SHRP team  has selected 3 outfalls at Rushcutters
Bay Park, Blackwattle Bay and Elizabeth Bay for the trial set for later this


“Pollution that comes from stormwater drains is the
main source of contamination in Sydney Harbour,” Dr Bugnot said.

“As the sea creatures – called bioturbators –
burrow and feed, they oxygenate the soft seabed sediment.

“After centuries of human use, many of these
species have disappeared from the area. We’ll collect animals from nearby
waterways and reintroduce them into the harbour.

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