Sea-Habilitation at the Museum of Design, Adelaide

SIMS is excited to be part of the fabulous It’s Complicated exhibition at the Museum of Design, Adelaide. The excellent exhibition shines a light on ‘sea-habilitation’ through it’s exploration of the power of design in the marine environment.


Sea-habilitation allows visitors to engage with the Living Seawalls panels, designed by Alex Goad of Reef Design Lab.



Reef Design Lab has been working with SIMS since 2015 on the Living Seawalls project,  investigating how 3D printed geometry can be used to create habitat for native intertidal species that live on seawalls. It is not simply about creating complex habitat geometry on a seawall but rather taking the time to research which designs will encourage native species colonisation and foster biodiversity.

The project builds on decades of Sydney based green engineering research.


SIMS is excited by the opportunity the Museum’s exhibition provides for visitors to experience the research and design in a very tactile way.

Photo credit: Sia Duff