Sydney Marine Park Plan Unveiled


The NSW Government has unveiled a plan where twenty-five high-value biodiversity marine sites around the
Sydney region will get enhanced protection as part of a long-awaited marine
park proposed by the Berejiklian government.


Professor Peter
Steinberg, SIMS director
the Sydney marine park proposal, which forms part of the first stage of a
10-year Marine Estate Management


“It’s a start,” Professor
Steinberg said. “It’s the first time that something like this has been
attempted in this holistic way in the bioregion [taking in scientific,
community, social and cultural values].” The project took five years of
“intensive work” involving scientists and a range of departments, he


Professor Steinberg, though, noted the $45.7
million set aside for the marine estate covers only the first two years of the
strategy. Of that, $3.7 million will be spent on Sydney’s marine park.

“I really do hope the state government is in it for the long
term,” Professor Steinberg said. “It’s a long-term approach to the
coast so it’s really important resources be made available for that.” Sydney has about 600 species of
fish alone, or as many as the entire UK, he said. “It’s a remarkably
diverse place and really does warrant conservation and sustaining that

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