SIMS is pleased to announce another year of tertiary education with the return of the Topics In Australian Marine Science (TAMS) subject, as part of the Master of Marine Science and Management program. This dynamic course includes lessons from leading scientists from SIMS’ partner universities – the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and Macquarie University.

TAMS is designed to provide postgraduate students with an immersive learning journey through various modules such as Introduction to R, Animal Tracking, Physical Oceanography, Zooplankton, and Benthic Ecology. It’s an opportunity to learn from the frontrunners in Australia’s marine science community and to collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds.

TAMS ’23 cohort being welcomed by SIMS CEO and Director, Professor Martina Doblin.
IMOS Animal Tracking team servicing an acoustic receiver to maintain the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) portal.

The course’s strength lies in its practical approach, introducing students to current Australian marine science research. The students become familiar with a range of tools in order to analyse extensive datasets collected by marine scientists and made accessible through the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) portal facilitated by IMOS. This practical introduction to statistical analysis of environmental data covers extensive temporal and spatial scales, equipping students with essential skills for their future careers.

Anonymous feedback from last year’s cohort highlights the course’s impactful learning experience:

  • “I appreciated learning about diverse research carried out around Sydney and Australia.”
  • “Handling real-world data on multiple platforms was incredibly valuable.”
  • “The variety of topics and the use of specialised software were impressive.”

In 2023, TAMS recorded its largest class to date, with 67 students enrolling. Dr. Veronique Lago, TAMS coordinator, shared her enthusiasm: “I feel privileged to share my passion for marine sciences with such a diverse and enthusiastic group of students and am eagerly anticipating meeting this year’s cohort.”

TAMS 2024 will commence on February 22nd and will feature a new cohort of eager master’s students from the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, and Macquarie University. This year promises exciting additions, including hands-on experiments to demonstrate marine data measurement and captivating new content, ensuring an even more enriching experience for students.

We look forward to sharing updates on these bright minds and seeing future success stories in TAMS alumni like this month’s Staff Highlight feature!

TAMS ’23 cohort during a lecture.