Biodiversity of Sydney Harbour


Biodiversity of Sydney Harbour

Suitable For: Stages 2-4  (Science/Geography)

Sydney Harbour is one of the most biodiverse harbours in the world! More than 580 different species of fish and 2473 species of polychaetes, crustaceans, echinoderms and molluscs have been recorded in the waters of Sydney Harbour. And that’s what we currently know!

Along its extensive shoreline and within nearshore environments, a diverse array of habitats contributes to the high levels of biodiversity and productivity of the harbour. Mangroves, marshes, mud and sand flats, and estuarine beaches populate the intertidal zone, submerged aquatic vegetation occurs within the photic zone of shallow water, and oyster reefs and kelp forests occur within subtidal waters. In combination, these habitats serve as critical nursery grounds providing protection and feeding grounds for both resident and coastal species.

So come dive into the video lesson below. After you have finished watching, why not have a go at the SIMS Virtual Learning Biodiversity worksheet.