World Harbour Project


The World Harbour Project aims to facilitate collaboration on research within global harbours and to enhance robustness of management outcomes.

A large component of the project’s deliverables are scientific journal articles specific to the issues this project aims to highlight.

Below is a list of those produced as a result of this collaboration between our partners.

Introduction to the special issue on the World Harbour Project Part I (2016) Peter D. Steinberg, Laura Airoldi, Joanne Banks, Kenneth M.Y. Leung Download the article.

Loved to pieces: Toward the sustainable management of the Waitematā Harbour and Hauraki Gulf (2016) J. David Aguirrea, Barbara Bollard-Breen, Marcus Cameron, Rochelle Constantine, Clinton A.J. Duffy, Brendon Dunphy, Kyna Hart, Judi E. Hewitt, Rebecca M. Jarvis, Andrew Jeffs, Richelle Kahui-McConnell, Margaret Kawharu, Libby Liggins, Andrew M. Lohrer, Irene Middleton, John Oldman, Mary A. Sewell, Adam N.H. Smitha, Daniel B. Thomasa, Ben Tuckey, Mel Vaughan, Ross Wilson. Download the article.

Dublin Port and Dublin Bay: Reconnecting with nature and people (2016) Paul R. Brooks, Richard Nairn, Maryann Harris, David Jeffrey, Tasman P. Crowe. Download the article.

Status, values and present threats in Heraklion harbour (Crete, Greece) (2016) Eva Chatzinikolaou, Christos Arvanitidis Download the article.

Hong Kong’s marine environments: History, challenges and opportunities (2016) Racliffe W.S. Lai, Matthew J. Perkins, Kevin K.Y. Ho, Juan C. Astudillo, Mana M.N. Yung, Bayden D. Russell, Gray A. Williams, Kenneth M.Y. Leung Download the article.

New York Harbour: Resilience in the face of four centuries of development (2016) Judith M. O’Neil, Dylan Taillie, Brianne Walsh, William C. Dennison, Elisa K. Bone, David J. Reid, Robert Newton, David L. Strayer, Kate Boicourt, Lauren B. Birney, Sam Janis, Pete Malinowski, Murray Fisher Download the article.

Plymouth — A World Harbour through the ages (2016) Antony M. Knights, Louise B. Firth, Richard C. Thompson, Anna L.E. Yunnie, Keith Hiscock, Stephen J. Hawkins. Download the article.

Conservation challenges in human dominated seascapes: The harbour and coast of Ravenna (2016) Laura Airoldi, Massimo Ponti, Marco Abbiati. Download the article.

An environmental overview of Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro (2016) A. Soares-Gomes, B.A.P. da Gama, J.A. Baptista Neto, D.G. Freire, R.C. Cordeiro, W. Machado, M.C. Bernardes, R. Coutinho, F.L. Thompson, R.C. Pereira. Download the article.

The urban marine environment of Singapore (2016) Tsai Min Sin, Hwee Peng Ang, Joost Buurman, Ai Chin Lee, Yi Lin Leong, Seng Keat Ooi, Peter Steinberg, Serena Lay-Ming Teo. Download the article.

Marine Habitats and biodiversity of Singapore’s coastal waters: A Review (2016) Koh Siang Tan, Enzo Acerbi, Frederico M. Lauro Download the article.

Sydney Harbour: Beautiful, diverse, valuable and pressured (2016) J.L. Banks, L.H. Hedge, C. Hoisington, E.M. Strain, P.D. Steinberg, E.L. Johnston. Download the article.

Coexistence of urban uses and shellfish production in an upwelling-driven, highly productive marine environment: The case of the Ria de Vigo (Galicia, Spain) (2016) Emilio Fernandez, Xose Anton Alvarez-Salgado, Ricardo Beiras, Aida Overjero, Gonzalo Mendez. Download the article.

Introduction to the World Harbour Project Special Issue Part II – Global harbours and ports: different locations, similar problems?  (2020) Tanner, E.L., Steinberg, P.D., Soares-Gomes, A., O’Neil, J., Leung, K.M.Y. Download the article.

Environmental challenges in a near-pristine mangrove estuary facing rapid urban and industrial development: Darwin Harbour, Northern Australia (2019) Munksgaard, N.C., Huntley, L.B., Metcalf, K.N., Padovan, A.C., Palmer, C., Gibb, K.S. Download the article.

Guanabara Bay ecosystem health report card: Science, management, and governance implications (2019) Fries, A.S., Coimbra, J.P., Nemazie, D.A., Summers, R.M., Azevedo, JP.S., Filoso, S., Newton, M., Gelli, G., Nunes de Oliveira, R.C., Pessoa, MA.R., Dennison, W.C. Download the article.

Boston Harbour, Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Transformation from ‘the harbor of shame’ to a vibrant coastal resource (2019) Bowen, J.L., Baillie, C.J., Grabowski, J.H>, Hughes, A.R., Scyphers, S.B., Gilbert, K.R., Gorney, S.G., Slevin, J., Geigley, K.A. Download the article.

Problems and prospects of revitalizing marine pearl cultivation in highly urbanized coasts: A case study of Tolo Harbour in Hong Kong (2019) Yan, W-T., Lau C-P., Meung, K.M.Y., Davies, S.N.G. Download the article.

Water quality gradients in New York Harbour (2020) Taillie, D.M., O’Neil, J.M., Dennison, W.C. Download the article.

Towards sustainability in Xiamen Harbour, China (2019) Wu, X., Zhang, L., Dong, Y-W. Download the article.

Heavy Metal Pollution in the Derwent estuary: History, science and management (2019) Macleod, C. & Coughanowr, C. Download the article.

Santander Bay: Multiuse and multiuser socioecological space (2020) Juanes, J.A., Gomez, A.G., Rubio, S., Garcia-Castrillo, G., Puente, A., Ondiviela, B., Medina, R. Download the article.

Coastal urbanization and environmental change: Opportunities for collaborative education across a global network university (2019) Burt, J.A., Killilea, M.E., Ciprut, S. Download the article.

Using urban harbours for experiential, environmental literacy: Case studies of New York and Chesapeake Bay (2020) O’Neil, J.M., Newton, R.J., Bone, E.K., Birney, L.B., Green, A.E., Merrick, B., Goodwin-Segal, T., Moore, G., Fraioli, A. Download the article.

Identifying the consequences of ocean sprawl for sedimentary habitats. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (2017). Heery, E., Bishop, M.J, Critchley, L., Bugnot, A.B., Airoldi, L., Mayer-Pinto, M., Sheehan, E.V., Coleman, R.A, Loke, L., Johnston, E.L., Komyakova, V., Morris, R.L., Strain, E., Naylor, L.A., Dafforn, K.A. Download the article.

Conflicts in some of the World harbours: what needs to happen next? Maritime Studies (2016). Stuart Pearson, Wiwin Windupranata, Setiyo Widodo Pranowo, Amanda Putri, Yingjie Ma, Ana Vila-Concejo, Emilio Fernández, Gonzalo Méndez, Jo Banks, Antony M. Knights, Louise B. Firth, Barbara Bollard Breen, Rebecca Jarvis, J. David Aguirre, Shengnan Chen, Adam Nicholas Howard Smith, Peter Steinberg, Eva Chatzinikolaou and Christos Arvanitidis. Download the article.

Eco-engineering urban infrastructure for marine and coastal biodiversity: which interventions have the greatest ecological benefit? Journal of Applied Ecology (2017). Strain, E.M.A., Olabarria, C., Mayer-Pinto, M., Cumbo, V., Morris, R.L., Bugnot, A.B., Dafforn, K.A., Heery, E., Firth, L.B, Brooks, P.R., Bishop, M.J. Download the article.

Status of vulnerable Cystoseira populations along the Italian infralittoral fringe, and relationships with environmental and anthropogenic variables. Marine Pollution Bulletin 129(2) (2017). Mancuso, F.P., Strain, E.M.A., Piccioni, E. De Clerck, O., Sara, G., Airoldi, L.  Download the article.

Eco-engineering of modified shorelines recovers wrack subsidies. Ecological Engineering (2018). Strain, E.M.A., Heath, T., Steinberg, P.D., Bishop, M.J. Download the article.

Bringing harbours alive: Assessing the importance of eco-engineered coastal infrastructure for different stakeholders and cities. Journal of Marine Policy 94: 238-246 (2018). Keinker, S., Coleman, R.A., Morris, R.,  Steinberg, P.D., Breen, B.A., Jarvis, R., Alexander, K.A., Strain, E.M.A. Download the article.

Increasing microhabitat complexity on seawalls can reduce fish predation on native oystersEcological Engineering 120:637-644 (2018). Strain, E.M.A., Morris, R.L., Coleman, R.A., Figueira, W.F., Steinberg, P.D.,  Johnston, E.L., Bishop, M.J. Download the article.

Building blue infrastructure: Assessing the key environmental issues and priority areas for ecological engineering initiatives in Australia’s metropolitan embayments. J. Environ. Management 230:488-496 (2019) Strain, E.M.A., Morris, R., Bishop, M.J., Tanner, E.L., Steinberg, P.D., Swearer, S.E., MacLeod, C., Alexander, K.A. Download the article.

Urban Blue: A global analysis of the factors shaping people’s perceptions of the marine environment and ecological engineering in harbours. Science of The Total Environment 658:1293-1305 (2019) Strain, E.M.A., Alexander, K.A., Kienker, S., Morris, R., Jarvis, R., Coleman, R., Bollard, B., Firth, L.B., Knights, A.M., Grabowski, J.H., Airoldi, L., Chan, B.K.K., Chee, S.Y., Chen, Z., Coutinho, R., Menezes, R.G. de, Ding, M., Dong, Y., Fraser, C.M.L., Gómez, A.G., Juanes, J.A., Mancuso, P., Messano, L.V.R., Naval-Xavier, L.P.D., Scyphers, S., Steinberg, P., Swearer, S., Valdor, P.F., Wong, J.X.Y., Bishop, M.J.  Download the article.

Design options, implementation issues and evaluating success of ecologically-engineered shorelines. In Oceanography and Marine Biology An Annual Review 57:169-228 (2019) Morris, R.L., Heery, E.C., Loke, L.H.L., Lau, E., Strain, E.M.A., Airoldi, L., Alexander, K.A., Bishop, M.J., Coleman, R.A., Cordell, J.R., Dong, Y-W., Firth, L.B., Hawkins, S.J., Heath, T., Kokora, M., Lee, S.Y., Miller, J.K., Perkol-Finkel, S., Rella, A., Steinberg, P.D., Takeuchi, I., Thompson, R.C., Todd, P.A., Toft, J.D., Leung, K.M.Y. Download the article.

Towards more sustainable coastal development in the Arabian Gulf: Opportunities for ecological engineering in an urbanized seascape. Marine Pollution Bulletin 142: 93-102 (2019) Burt, J.A., Bartholomew, A. Download the article.

A global atlas of the environmental risk of marinas on water quality. Marine Pollution Bulletin 149:110661 (2019) Valdor, P.F., Gómez, A.G., Peter Steinberg, P., Tanner, E.L,  Airoldi, L., Arvanitidis, C., Brooks, P.,  Burt, J., Chatzinikolaou, E.,  Firth, L.,  Grace, S., Knights, A., MacLeod, C.,  Méndez, G.,  Ovejero, A.,  Ponti, M., Scyphers, S., Seitz, R., Smith, A., Soares, A. and Juanes, J.A. Download the article.

A global approach to mapping the environmental risk of harbours on aquatic systems. Marine Policy 119:104051 (2020) Valdor, P.F., Gómez, A.G., Peter Steinberg, P., Tanner, E.L, Knights, A.M., Seitz, R., Airoldi, L., Firth, L., Arvanitidis, C., Ponti, M., Chatzinikolaou, E., Brooks, P., Crowe, T.P., Smith, A., Méndez, G., Ovejero, A., Soares-Gomes, A., Burt, J., Macleod, C. and Juanes, J.A.  Download the article.

Sediment metal enrichment and ecological risk assessment of ten ports and estuaries in the World Harbours Project. Marine Pollution Bulletin 115:111129 (2020). Birch, G.F., Lee, J.-H., Tanner, E.L., Fortune, J., Munksgaard, N., Whitehead, J., Coughanowr, C., Agius, J., Chrispijn, J., Taylor, U., Wells, F., Bellas, J. Besada. V., Vinas, L., Soares-Gomes, A., Cordeiro, R.C., Machado, W., Santelli, R.E., Vaughan, M., Cameron, M., Brooks, P., Crowe, T., Ponti, M., Airoldi, L., Guerra, R., Puente, A., Gomez, A.G., Zhou, G.J., Leung, K.M.Y., Steinberg, P.   Download the article

Interacting effects of habitat structure and seeding with oysters on the intertidal biodiversity of seawalls. PLoS ONE 15(7):e0230807 (2020). Strain, E.M.A., Cumbo, V.R., Morris, R.L., Steinberg, P.D. Bishop, M.J.   Download the article

Emerging Solutions to Return Nature to the Urban Ocean. Annual Review of Marine Science  13 (2021). Airoldi, L., Beck, M.W., Firth, L.B., Bugnot, A.B., Steinberg, P.D., Dafforn, K.A.   Download the article

A global analysis of complexity-biodiversity relationships on marine artificial structures. Global Ecology and Biogeography October (2020) Strain, E.M.A., Steinberg, P.D., Vozzo, M., Johnston, E.L., Abbiati, M., Aguilera, M.A., Airoldi, L., Aguirre, J.D., Ashton, G., Bernardi, M., Brooks, P., Chan, B.K.K., Cheah, C.B., Chee, S.Y., Coutinho, R., Crowe, T., Davey, A., Firht, L.B., Fraser, C., Hanley, M.E., Hawkins, S.J., Knick, K.E., Lau, E.T.C., Leung, K.M.Y., McKenzie, C., Macleod, C., Mafanya, S., Mancuso, F.P., Messano, L.V.R., Naval-Xavier, L.P.D., Ng, T.P.T., O’Shaughnessy, K.A., Pattrick, P., Perkins, M.j., Perkol-Finkel, S., Porri, F., Ross, D.J., Ruiz, G., Sella, I., Seitz, R., Shirazi, R., Thiel, M., Thompson, R.C., Yee, J.C., Zabin, C., Bishop, M.J.  Download the article

A weight-of-evidence approach for identifying potential sources of untreated sewage inputs into a complex urbanized catchment. Environmental Pollution 275, 2021.  Codello, A., Mclellan, S.L., Steinberg, P., Potts, J., Scanes, P., Ferguson, A., Hose, G.C., Griffith, M., Roguet, A., Lydon, K.A., Maher, W.A., Krikowa, F., Chariton, A.  Download the article


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