We are proud to announce that in 2024 we have joined the ranks of United Nations Decade of Ocean Science endorsed programs. This is a major step forward for our World Harbour Seascape Restoration Programme (WHSR), an initiative that aligns multi-habitat restoration and aims to create a template for global seascape restoration. 

CEO of SIMS Professor Martina Doblin said, “Our scientists are working at the leading edge of marine restoration, combining their single habitat restoration techniques to rehabilitate seascapes in Sydney Harbour.

The endorsement by the United Nations for the World Harbour Seascape Restoration program enables us to connect a global network of researchers working to restore habitats in the urban ocean.

It’s an opportunity for us to share our expertise, assist restoration efforts elsewhere and develop international guidelines for coastal developments that build for nature and people.”

The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 program endorses programs that aim to address solutions to help foster a healthier ocean. 

There are a number of key challenges highlighted by the UN, the WHSR programme aims to address Challenge 2; Ecosystem Restoration and Management. This program will focus on research into multi-habitat restoration, increasing connectivity between habitats and capacity building with first nations communities. We look forward to working with other coastal cities to exchange knowledge and understand factors that influence successful restoration. 

You can read more about the endorsement and the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 here.

For media enquiries in relation to this endorsement please contact Tia Bool at tia.bool@sims.org.au.